Cross the Horizontal Falls Off Your Bucket List with a Scenic Flight

The Horizontal Falls are one of Western Australia’s most popular sights to experience. Although their name hints at a waterfall, they are actually fast moving tidal flows that go through two narrow but closely aligned gorges found within the McCarty range of Talbot Bays. The tidal flow changes direction with each change of tide, and this is part of the famous Kimberley tides. One of the best ways to view this unique natural phenomenon is in the air with a Horizontal Falls scenic flight.


Why Take a Horizontal Falls Flight

You can tour the Horizontal Falls in many different ways, including on a boat, but from the air you get a unique perspective. By viewing the falls from the air, you can truly experience this natural phenomenon and marvel at the experience. When you take a boat, you only get to see a small portion of the falls as you go through the pass, so you miss out on many of the amazing features. Therefore, the best view of the falls is from the air, because you get to really experience the awesome power of the Kimberley tides.


Other Sights to See During a Scenic Flight

There is much more to see in Kimberley than just the falls. With an air safari Horizontal Falls scenic flight, you can easily see many of the most popular sights of the Dampier Peninsula and Kimberley region in just a morning or afternoon. You can fly along the ancient Kimbolton Ranges and see the thousands islands that make up the Buccaneer Archipelago. You can also enjoy the remote areas, such as Cape Leveque, and see the oldest pearl farm at the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. With Kimberley Aviation, you not only get to fly over these sights, you also get to get out and enjoy many of them, including swimming in the Indian Ocean on some of the most beautiful beaches, walking along various trails, and meeting indigenous people. Some of the tours also feature boat cruises.



Take an Air Safari Flight with Kimberley Aviation

The air safari sightseeing tours with Kimberley Aviation provide you with the ultimate Horizontal Falls flight experience, along with many of the other must-see sights of the Kimberley region in Western Australia. There are a total of five tour options to choose from: Irresistible Islands, Dampier Dreaming, Grant Tides/Kimberley Island Explorer, Fly Falls and Fish, and Cattle Coast. Each one, other than the Cattle Coast tour, includes a fly-over of the falls. The tour operators do the best they can to coincide their trip with the best tidal features, although they cannot guarantee the amount of water flowing through the gorges. Some of the tour options include local indigenous experiences.


Kimberley Aviation prides itself in providing high-quality experiences and focuses on customer service and satisfaction. The aircraft is immaculate and everyone gets a window seat, so you will not miss a moment of the tour. With Kimberley Aviation, you will do more than just cross the falls off your bucket list; you will have a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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